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Mercedes-Benz EQS Midlife Update Gets Serious About Luxury

The 2025 Mercedes-Benz EQS receives a midlife update designed to appeal even more to status-conscious customers. Some felt the previous EQS, despite being the brand's most expensive sedan, lacked the opulent presence of the slightly less expensive S-Class. This facelift demonstrates that Mercedes was listening.

The BMW i7 and Mercedes-Benz EQS compete for similar high-end clientele. The earlier EQS's design might have deterred some buyers.

What's New?

The in-your-face change award goes to the S-class ditto fake grille.  The brand has omitted the humongous Benz logo and adopted a more upright three-pointed star on the bonnet, similar to the S-Class. This iconic symbol is sure to impress both drivers and passengers. Additionally, Mercedes has added more chrome for a touch of extra flair.

Following India's lead, the innovative Hyperscreen infotainment system is now standard globally. The focus on luxury extends to the seats, which have been redesigned with slightly thicker form for enhanced comfort on long journeys.

An optional Extended Rear Luxury Lounge Pack takes indulgence to a new level. This package includes a special reclining footrest with illumination, and the ability to move the front passenger seat forward for significant legroom in the rear. Both the driver and passenger can activate this feature when the front seat is unoccupied. Rear seats also recline up to 38 degrees, and a heating and ventilation option pampers the neck and shoulders.

For those who prioritize convenience and peace of mind, Mercedes has upped the ante. The biggest mechanical upgrade is a larger battery, increasing range. Battery capacity jumps from 108 kWh to 118 kWh. The EQS was already one of the leaders in the electric car range, and this improvement takes it even further. CLICK HERE to read our dedicated article about the electric cars with the longest range in India.

This translates to an impressive 82 km increase in range, making 800 km+ journeys on a single charge a realistic possibility. Additionally, Mercedes has enhanced the regenerative braking system, contributing to longer brake life and improved efficiency for mile munching.

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