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Nilu27: The Hypercar Dream of A ex-Koenigsegg Designer

The ex-Koenigsegg chief designer Sasha Selipanov has launched a hypercar brand called Nilu27. When you think of Koenigsegg, what is your first thought? For me, it is raw performance and power. Now imagine my excitement that an ex-Koenigsegg chief designer has decided to create a new car brand. All the excitement has become manifold looking at their car roar in the latest teaser. Here is all you need to know about the first Nilu27 car set this year.

The First Nilu27 Hypercar

The first teaser from the company reveals the rear of their hypercar, which gives a short yet loud roar. They claim that they are unfazed by digitalization, electrification, and other distractions and are focusing on the ultimate automotive experience with a dose of ‘holy shit’ mixed in for good measure. It has a triple exhaust at the centre of the rear part. Above that is a triple-decker rear wing, and below it is a third brake light that might remind you of F1 cars. One other highlight is a pair of gullwing doors. You can also see its suspension in the teaser. Nilu27 claimed it would reveal this hypercar on 15th August 2024 at Pebble Beach.

Who is Sasha Selipanov of Nilu27?

Sasha Selipanov was the chief of design at Koenigsegg before launching her brand Nilu27. He worked at Koenigsegg for three years. He is credited for the exterior and interior design of Gemera and the CC850. Before that, he had a stint as the head of exterior design at Bugatti and also served as the chief designer of Genesis. Before Nilu27, he founded an automobile design consulting firm called Hardline 27 LLC in 2023. 

Do you think a new entrant will find its space in the hypercar market?

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