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Tesla’s Dystopian Cybertruck is now finally a reality!

The geometric-wedge shaped Cybertruck has indeed become a reality! Tesla first showcased the Cybertruck to the world for the first time in 2019 and now, the EV maker has commenced deliveries of the same, also revealing the complete specs in the process. It has been one of the most hotly anticipated vehicles of modern times and rightly so! Even if you stray your eyes away from the dystopian futuristic design, there’s so much to talk about the Cybertruck and now that the specs are revealed too, let’s take a dive into it.

As promised earlier, Tesla is offering the Cybertruck in three flavours: rear-wheel drive, dual-motor all-wheel-drive and tri-motor all-wheel drive. While Tesla is yet to reveal the complete specs of the RWD, single-motor variant, Tesla has revealed that it is slated to arrive in 2025 with a claimed range of just over 400km. 

However, juicy details have emerged for the other two variants. The AWD, dual-motor variant pushes out 608 PS/ 10,000 Nm and is good enough for a 0-96 kmph sprint time of 4.1 seconds. The claimed range of this variant hovers a little overr 550km. The tri-motor variant is rightly dubbed ‘Cyberbeast’ because it puts down 857 PS and close to 14,000 Nm of peak torque. For this one, Tesla claims a 0-96 kmph time of 2.6 seconds, with an estimated range of around 520km. Tesla might have managed to retain the outlandish design of the original concept but it has fallen short of delivering 800km of range which was initially promised for the Cybertruck. Tesla hasn’t revealed the size of the respective battery packs plonked inside the three variants but the Cybertruck features 800V electrical infrastructure for even faster charging speeds of up to 250kW. 

The eccentric design is there for a reason and that reason is the usage of a special stainless steel alloy composed for the body panels. According to Elon Musk, the Cybertruck is THE toughest production-spec pickup truck available in the market today. This claim is backed by using the aforementioned material which cannot be stamped into variable designs, the reason behind Cybertruck’s unconventional aesthetics. The usage of this alloy has bestowed the Cybertruck with unmatched torsional rigidity as it can withstand an assault from a .45 caliber Tommy gun, a handgun and even a submachine gun. Even the glasses used are armoured! The bodywork is plain and is devoid of any rounded-off panels. The Cybertruck rides on what looks like 20-inch wheels and a mammoth ground clearance of 432mm so you can just run over people, or zombies in case of an apocalypse. 

The Cybertruck might look like it must have dropped off straight from a Sci-fi gaming title but it is quite utilitarian too! Since it is essentially a pickup truck, it has a payload capacity of over 1,100kg with additional storage in the frunk. What will also assist you in running over things is the independent and adaptive air suspension system and in case if you wish to make a sudden u-turn after doing that, Tesla claims that the Cybertruck has a smaller turning radius than the Model S. 

Step inside the Cybertruck and it’s instantly recognizable as a Tesla, given the rather minimalistic design approach. The AC vents are neatly concealed within the dashboard where another highlight is a ths squared-off steering wheel. Taking the centre stage is the massive 18.5-inch touchscreen infotainment unit. The rear passengers also get their own 9.4-inch touchscreen unit housed in the back of the centre console tunnel. 


In INR, the Cybertruck starts at 53.80 Lakh and goes up to 83.29 Lakh for the Cyberbeast variant.

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