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5 Amazing Women Racers you’ve never heard of

How many top woman racers can you name? Every racing event you see is full of men. Have any women done well in the men-dominated industry? Some searching introduced me to the female legends of the sport. On this women's day, here are five legendary woman racers you should know about:

Lella Lombardi

Maria Grazia Lombardi, also known as Lella Lombardi, is one of the most revered female F1 drivers ever. In her F1 career from 1974 to 1976, she established the record for the most starts by a woman in Formula One, 12. The record still stands to this day. She also became the only woman to have scored a point when she finished sixth in the 1975 Spanish Grand Prix. Lella and her legacy inspire women to take up the sport even today.

Maria Teresa de Filippis 

While racing, Maria Teresa was known as the 'Fastest Woman in the World'. She fought through all odds and became the first woman to qualify for a Formula One race. She participated in five races but couldn't get any points. After her Formula One stint, she participated in other racing and hillclimbing events. 

Michèle Mouton

Mouton was a force to reckon with in Rallying. In 1981, she became the first woman to win a World Rally Championship in the San Remo Rally. This was not a sole event, as she went on to win three more rallies and stand on 24 podiums. She continued her legacy out of the track as well, becoming an ambassador for the FIA. She was a pioneer in promoting safety and inclusivity for future racers. 

Jutta Kleinschmidt

Jutta was a racer who also had a physics degree. She caught everyone's eye when she won the Dakar Rally in 2001. This victory is even more special considering how difficult the rally is and that no woman has ever won it since. She achieved more podiums over the years to etch her name in history books. After winning Dakar, she went on to participate in made Rallies. She still serves a vital role at the FIA and works as a motivational speaker. 

Danica Patrick

Danica holds a special place in the hearts of many because of her stock racing performances. She is the proud winner of Indy Japan 300 2008, making her the only woman to have won in an IndyCar series race. She wanted more from Indicar, so she went on to participate in NASCAR as well. She scored a NASCAR pole in 2010 and had top-ten finishes in several races. She was the first woman to do both. She further went on to business and motivation after retirement. 

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