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TVS Eurogrip Protorq Extreme and Remora Tyres – Track Review

TVS Srichakra Limited, a homegrown tyre brand with 40-plus years of experience, is the maker of the TVS Eurogrip brand of tyres. The brand was incorporated in 1982 and has manufacturing facilities in Madurai ( Tamilnadu ) and Rudrapur ( Uttarakhand), with a production capacity of over 3 million tyres a month. The company has an advanced tyre technology development centre located in Milan, Italy. Moreover, tyres are tested across a range of vehicles and performance parameters by a jury of experienced global riders. We have been recently invited to experience a pair of TVS Eurogrip rubbers at the Madras Motor Race Track.

After a detailed product briefing, it was time to hit the track on a race-spec Apache RTR 2004V, which TVS also uses for its One-Make Championship races. The bike was kitted with Remora tyres at the front and the Protorq Extreme at the rear. The front had a 90/90 section unit with a diameter of 17-inch, and the rear had a 110/70 section unit with the same 17-inch diameter. Both the tyres are a little different in their approach, out of which Protorq Extreme are performance-oriented tyres, mainly focused on a 300-600cc segment. Both tyres have radial construction with a uni-directional tread pattern for performance and handling.

Track Experience

Well, no matter how confident the race-spec bike might be to ride, one always gets a little nervous before setting out for laps, and I, for one, was quite skittish for the experience. Come on. Even you would be a little cautiously nervous before hitting the race track. But, it’s a simple rule- the more you spend your time on a track, the better you will emerge. It was my first time on MMRT with TVS Apache RTR200 4V, so I took some laps to calm my frisky nature and this indirectly allowed some time to get the tyres warmed up. And once I gained confidence, I did my best to go as fast as possible on the track.

What complimented my intent to go fast and hard were the tyres. Well, we are all aware- the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V is one of the best all-rounder bikes, and in the race-spec attire, it is even better. Initially,  I went hard on the throttle on straights and just before approaching corners, I got frightened to carry those speeds, and just like everyone – I braked hard, and the impressive part was that the tyres had enough grip to keep the bike’s composure intact. Moreover, with every lap, I pushed myself to improve my lean angle, and the tyres helped me to maintain my control due to the wider contact patch with the tarmac. All-in-all it was an indeed exhilarating experience. Given my noob skill set and minimal track riding experience, I could not extract the tyres’ full potential. Nevertheless, the brownie point lies in the gripper TVS Eurogrip’s set of tyres that assures one to be hard and fast.Now,its Time to ask them for a set of tyres for my Duke 390 to give detailed impressions about its real-world compatibility.

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