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Lamborghini Revuelto Revealed | A Hypercar Or A Supercar?

Over the past few weeks, Lamborghini has been playing a Tom & Jerry game with the entire world. They have been dropping miniscule hints to keep us reeled in while they gear up to launch their latest and greatest.

The Aventador gets replaced after 14 years since its first introduction, at last! Not that we were in a hurry to bid adieu to it, but this replacement has been long overdue. The successor to the Aventador has finally been revealed, and Sant’Agata calls it the Revuelto!

Those of you who went to Google Translate after reading this name, yes, it literally translates to scrambled in Spanish. And now, please don’t say that the convertible will be called sunny side up! They’re a car brand goddamit, not your local breakfast place. But if they do, remember, you heard it here first!

As with most major Lamborghinis, there’s yet another bull connection with this name. So, there was an angry bull in Spain back in the 1880s. It was famous for being so furious that it aimed off the field and towards the audience eight times during a bullfight. Yeah, that’s what Lamborghini have decided to name their latest flagship. What are you hinting at Lamborghini?

Whatever Lamborghini might be hinting, the Revuelto’s design is definitely Lamborghini. Only one car maker can pull off such aggressive styling, that’s for sure! It is somehow both similar and different. It’s not a quantum leap into the unknown but it’s certainly new. I can see some very slight hints of the Lykan Hypersport in the rear quarter of the car’s profile.

Lamborghini's signature proportions and stance include a low, wedge-shaped body with visual mass concentrated in the rear. The hooded headlights, located beneath the hood that now extends all the way to the front of the car, are among the many new elements.

The Revuelto's front fascia is adorned with Y-shaped running lights that were previewed in the Lamborghini Sián, and two spherical radar sensors. The large air intakes behind the doors, rendered more aggressive by blade-like features, dominate the side profile. What appears to be solid bodywork above them is actually only a skin covering enormous air vents on both sides. The backside is dominated by the gigantic McLaren inspired centre-exit exhausts. All this can be had in over four hundred different paint shades, paired with the vast level of personalisation available, the Revuelto offers by far the most potential for personalisation ever on a Lamborghini.

Moving inside, the Lamborghini has proven it VW roots by gaining Porsche-style cupholders that are hidden and extend from within the passenger side dash. It’s much more spacious on the inside compared to the Aventador, an issue many buyers faced. To give Ferrari some competition, the Revuelto gains a 9.1-inch passenger display screen which is one of the three screens inside the cabin. The other two of course are the 12.3-inch digital drivers’ display and the 8.4-inch centre infotainment screen.

The Ferrari similarities don’t end with the screen, Lamborghini have also decided to move all wiper, indicator and other controls onto the steering wheel, completely eliminating steering wheel stalks from the car. Whether that’s an attempt to copy Ferrari, an attempt to give a F1 cockpit feeling to the driver or an actual attempt to reduce driver distractions is for you to decide.

The car does give a F1 cockpit feeling because the car gets 13 drive modes. Yes, 13! That’s a lifetime worth of bipolar behaviour for this bull!

Now, I’ve saved the best for the last, its engine time. Well not so much in this case, but still, you get the point. It’s a plug-in hybrid car with three motors and a monstrous V12 engine. A 3.8kWh powers the motors that according to Lamborghini should be good for almost 13 km. But if you drive anything like me, I’m sure that battery will discharge by the time I pull out of the driveway.

The powerplant V12 is nothing short of nuclear, its honestly baffling how Lamborghini managed to get it running on petrol instead of jet fuel. The 6.5L V12 produces 825hp and 725Nm of torque while on its way to the 9,500 rpm redline. The total powertrain output stands at 1,015hp. 100 kmph from nought WILL come in 2.5 seconds while on its way to the 350 kmph top speed. That’s hypercar territory. And it is the fastest car to bear the raging bull, ever!

For a car that will probably nudge the double digit crores in India, that is a good spec sheet. I’d love nothing more than to get my bottom into that spacious new interior but let’s be real, it’s not likely unless I ask my dad for an advance on my inheritance!

The first two years of production are already sold out. So, unless you know someone in the boardroom at Sant’Agata, you’ll have to get in line!

Words: Sresht Garg

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