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Koenigsegg Destroys its own 0-400-0 and 3 other Records with Jesko Absolut!

So you thought the Tourbillion is impressive? Haha says Koenigsegg, check out my Jesko Absolut. What have they done this time? They have broken their own record of 0-400-0 km/h. What is the new record? 27.83 seconds! If you think these are mad numbers, you are right, they are. But this is not all, there are more records it has broken too. Read ahead to know about them

The Mind Blowing Record 

The man who steered the Jesko Absolute to record books is Koenigsegg test driver Markus Lundh. The sprint took place in the early hours of 27 June. As the wind speeds and the ambient air and track temperatures were perfect, Koenigsegg decided the time of 5am. The car was mostly stock, except for the addition of a roll cage and the driver's seat taken from a One:1. It was equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 R tires and was fueled by E85.

0-400-0 History 

The trend of reaching 400 km/h and then reaching a dead stop was started in 2017 by the Bugatti Chiron Back then it registered a time of 41.96 seconds, which was unbelievable by then standards. F1 and Indycar driver, Juan Pablo Montoya was behind the wheel. 

Koenigsegg entered this game and humiliated the Chirron with the Agera RS with a timing of 36.44 seconds.  This run was done by test driver Niklas Lilja at the Vandel Airfield in Denmark. They did stop there though, as in 2019 they broke their own record with the Regera with a new time record of 31.49 seconds in their home country of Sweden.

A new entrant, Rimac came to the race with their electric Nevera in May 2023 that boosted from 0-400 and braked back to a halt in 29.93 seconds. Their victory was short-liveda as Koeinigsegg brought the Regera back from the dead to set a time of 28.81 seconds. The funny part of this record is that it was almost the same car as 2019, just with new Michelin Cup2R tires and a smoother track. 

As you must have guessed by now, Koenigsegg wasn’t satisfied still and now they have broken their own Regera record with the Jesko Absolut. 

Other Records Broken 

The 0-400-0 kmph record is not the only one that Jesko Absolute beat in this test. There are 3 more. These are the fastest 0-400 kmph time in 18.82 second, 0-250-0 mph time of 28.27 seconds and a 0-250 mph time of 19.20 seconds. 

Christian von Koenigsegg, the man leading this maniac company said that they are eyeing a 310 mph+ speed record next. If you are opening your calculator, don’t, we did it and it is 500 kmph! 500 kmph in a car, can’t wait to get our minds blown by this carnage.

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