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Lamborghini Huracan to be Replaced by a 10,000 rpm V8 Bang!

Lamborghini is upping its V8 game with the huracan successor. In a world transitioning to EVs, we petrolheads are looking for even semblances of good news from our loved carmakers. Lamborghini is here to rescue our ICE car dreams with its replacement for the huracan. This supercar will feature a V8 with its redlines peaking at a mighty 10,000 rpm. What is it all about? Continue reading to get all the answers.

What's the hype about?

The Huracan replacement, codenamed 634, is set to go against the Ferrar 296 GTB. We expect to see its first glimpses in August and a launch around the end of this year. It will continue the trend of Lamborghini adding hybrid tech to its supercars with a 4.0 litre V8 at the core. This powerhouse can produce 789 hp and 732 Nm of torque by itself, which far out powers the Huracan's most potent variants. The 10,000 redlines the engine can achieve, like racing cars, are bound to catch everyone's eye. This will be the highest number achieved in a V8 present in any current production car. Only the Mercedes AMG One, GMA T50 and Aston Martin Valkyrie have higher revving engines. 

Lamborghini has claimed that a vital part of the engine design was defining the sound of the new engine. They say it will have a unique and distinctive character that will deliver the driver an unparalleled driving experience. 

The Hybrid Setup

A light yet practical axial-flux electric motor will assist the monster V8, placed ahead of the 8-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox as we say in the Urus. This motor provides 148 hp and 301 Nm of torque to the rear axle, along with another pair to the front axle. We have yet to determine the combined output, but it is easily over the 900 bhp mark. 

We may also see a small-capacity traction battery being placed in the transmission tunnel in the 624 for compact packaging and better weight distribution. 

Lamborghini has claimed the PHEV package is better than a standard ICE car. They further elaborated that characteristics like active torque vectoring cannot be achieved without an electric motor.

How will the 634 Look?

The 634 will share its design cues with the Revuelto. The car's silhouette will adhere to the design of Mitja Borket's 'spaceship' character. It will also have some striking features like the hexagonal exhaust, Y-shaped LED lights, and air inlets to increase downforce. 

It will also take forward the 'Monofuselage' carbon fibre monocoque we first witnessed in the Revuelto. The 634 will make use of the cheaper material in the form of aluminium, wherever rigidity will not be affected. While the rear subframe of the Revuelto is also made of aluminium, the 634 might use it in the front as well. The 634 is expected to be shorter than the almost five m-long Revuelto. The 634 and Revuelto will share the same production line, which is a first in Lamborghini history. They will have similarities in both architecture and electrical parts. 

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