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Rimac's Special Nevera Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

Rimac is celebrating its 15th Birthday by introducing a rare limited edition Nevera. Called the Rimac Nvera 15th Anniversary Edition, this gorgeous monster is a testament to how the company has made massive strides in its limited time. Here is all you need to know about it:

The Legacy Backing it

The first existence of Rimac came about in 2009 from an unlikely place for a car company, Croatia. Mate Rimac, its founder, later converted his E30 BMW 3 series into an EV that created several records in 2011. Rimac showed the Concept_One at the Frankfurt Motor Show, with Rimac delivering its first car in 2016. The C_Two came in 2018, which formed the base of what we now know as the Nevera. One of the most significant achievements Rimac has made would be taking over Bugatti with an equal stake as the German Giant Volkswagen. 

The Nevera 15th Anniversary Edition

The Nevera 15th Anniversary Edition celebrates and pays homage to the company's achievements. Only nine such cars will get a special copper paint, the first matte finish from Rimac. They also get a special badge, a circuit board-inspired racing stripe, and two-tone alloy wheels. Copper switchgear, more badges, and a unique script are featured on the inside. Under the car, you will find bare carbon fibre. 


The special Nevera will cost 21.28 Crores ( €2.35m) and come with luggage bags matched to the interior of the car. It will make a debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this week. The first customer will take on a hill climb there. On the subject of customers, not all of them are sold yet, so you can get one for yourself if you fancy. 

Mate Rimac's Opinion

Mate Rimac, founder of Rimac, said, "Honestly, when I started to tinker with my first car in a garage, I couldn't have even dreamt of being where we are 15 years later," He added, "There were so many times in the early years that we thought the company wouldn't make it, so reaching the 15-year milestone felt like it was worthy of a celebration. The 15th Anniversary Edition Nevera is the car that marks our progress, revelling just how far we've come. From garage to global; from worrying about keeping the lights on to a €2bn valuation; from converted BMW 3 Series to the world's fastest accelerating production car and from hypercar maker to Tier 1 EV tech supplier and energy storage pioneers. All achieved in a country where all of this would have sounded like science fiction at the time of founding the company."

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