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2024 Formula 1 Calender Announced | Chinese Grand Prix Returns, More Regionalization, And Much More

The race schedule of the 2024 FIA Formula 1 World Championship is out, featuring a total of 24 races. The race begins in Bahrain on March 2  and finishes in Abu Dhabi on December 8. The 2023 F1 season is still ongoing, and the preparation for the 2024 season is already underway, at least in terms of track venue, logistics, timings and others. There are various updates and new additions to the calendar and schedule.

After the 2020  Covid-19 pandemic, it would be the first time that the Chinese Grand Prix will be happening at the Shanghai International Circuit ; And with the addition of China to the schedule, additional changes in terms of logistics have been made to suit the character of sustainable logistics. Well, sustainable is the word used by the F1 community to smartly place the program to minimize the logistical impact on the environment. “I want to thank all of the promoters and partners for their support and effort to achieve this great schedule. Our journey to a more sustainable calendar will continue in the coming years as we further streamline operations as part of our 2030 Net Zero Comitment " , says Stefano Domenicali, President and CEO of Formula 1

Another significant change would be the timing of the race. Usually, the race happens on Sunday, but the coming year will have two back-to-back Saturday races, with Bahrain on March 2 and Saudi Arabia on March 9. This is done to respect the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which starts on March 10. Moreover, Las Vegas GP will be happening on Saturday to attract more viewership across the globe.

Japan GP is moved to April, Azerbaijan to September and Qatar back-to-back with Abu Dhabi; 2024 F1  calendar creates a better flow of races in certain regions to minimize the travel burden and logistics obligations. As I already mentioned, FIA is taking its move to make the F1 championship more sustainable and carbon-free,and the 2024 F1 calendar is the way forward in the right direction. 

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