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MotoGP and Formula-E Championship Coming To India?

Hurray! It’s time for a motorsport enthusiast to rejoice. FMSCI  has recently revealed that the talks and forethought have been put into progress to organize MotoGP and Formula-E championships in India. During the annual FMSCI awards event in Chennai, Akbar Ebrahim, President of FMSCI, said, “We are also working towards getting a round of MotoGP and the Formula-E to India.” 

Btw, What is this FMSCI?

FMSCI is The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India, founded in the year 1971. The Government of India recognizes the FMSCI, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, as the only National Sports Federation (NSF) for the promotion and governance of motorsports in India. FMSCI works with the vision of promoting and raising the standards of Indian Motorsport. They not just only formulate the rules but also ensures disciplined regulations of the laws during different motorsport events.

Coming back to the point of global motorsport in India, Akbar Ebrahim, during his keynote address at the function, announced that Chennai would be the venue for a round of the FIA World Rally Star (17-26 age group) in September. The event is set to be organized by the Madras Motor Sports Club. Also, Formula-E is likely to be held on the streets of Hyderabad. “India has joined the FIM’s Road to MotoGP programme through the World MiniGP championship which is restricted to those in the 10-14 years age group.” says Akbar Ebrahim.

In the endeavour to push the boundaries of motorsport in India, Dorna Sports, promoters of MotoGP, and Italian bike manufacturer Ohvale both take active responsibilities for the MiniGP championship. The age group for the MiniGP championship is 10-14 years. The first of the five rounds will be held in July this year. At the end of the Indian series, the top two riders will qualify for the World Finals in Spain.

Despite being the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, FMSCI delivered on its promise to put its best efforts into organizing racing events. They have managed to conduct nine national championships across two and four-wheelers categories.

Well, the talks are in the pipeline, and the official timeline has not been announced yet. The introduction of global motorsports in India will not only enhance the culture of motorsports in India but will also strengthen the engineering and racing capabilities. All power to you, FMSCI. We eagerly await to witness MotoGP and Formula-E championships in India soon.

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