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Pramac Shocks MotoGP With Yamaha Switch After Ducati Fallout

In a major shakeup for the MotoGP world championship, Pramac Racing will be switching allegiances and joining Yamaha as a satellite team from the 2025 season onwards. This dramatic move ends a near two-decade-long partnership between Pramac and Ducati.

The news comes after months of speculation surrounding Pramac's future. The key factor seems to be a breakdown in negotiations with Ducati regarding contract extensions. While Pramac had a deal in place securing two factory bikes until 2026, Ducati's decision to prioritize other structures, coupled with the Marc Marquez situation, reportedly led to a souring of relations.

Ducati Prioritizes Other Options

Previously enjoying the status of Ducati's primary partner team with access to factory machinery, Pramac felt a shift in focus from the Italian manufacturer. Ducati reportedly explored the possibility of Pramac "ceding" a bike to Valentino Rossi's VR46 team, a proposal that didn't sit well with Pramac boss Paolo Campinoti. Additionally, Ducati's pursuit of Marc Marquez for their factory team further strained the relationship.

Pramac Finds New Home at Yamaha

With Ducati seemingly looking elsewhere, Yamaha swooped in to secure Pramac's services. This is a significant win for Yamaha, as it regains a satellite team presence lost in 2022. While VR46 was initially Yamaha's target, Pramac eventually became their "plan B" and negotiations intensified.

The new agreement between Pramac and Yamaha is expected to be a multi-year deal, extending beyond the current Dorna contract and potentially entering a new era of technical regulations in MotoGP. This could see Pramac becoming a long-term partner team with access to factory-spec Yamaha machinery at a reduced cost.

Future Riders Remain Uncertain

This Pramac-Yamaha alliance promises to be an exciting development for MotoGP. With an experienced team like Pramac joining the fray, Yamaha will be looking to challenge Ducati and Honda for championship glory in the coming seasons.

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