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Harley Davidson X440 | First Ride Review | Ground Breaking or Breaking Traditions?

Ground Breaking or Breaking Traditions?


Torque, torque and torque!
Agile Handling and Exhaust Note


Should Have Looked and Felt More Special


Ground Breaking or Breaking Traditions?

Traditions, beliefs or customs… they bind us to a certain lifestyle. Being passed on from generation to generation, it could even become a sin or taboo to even think about breaking them. But modern times require desperate measures. In this quest for mere survival, sometimes it becomes the need of the hour to thwart these traditions away. That’s exactly what Harley-Davidson seems to be doing with its X440 – co-developed with Hero MotoCorp. Straying far away from its legacy of V-twin powered laidback cruisers, the X440 is a brave attempt indeed but does it succeed in evoking the same sense of freedom? The same sense of badassery that Harleys typically do?


A compromise of sorts, or a distilled Harley?

To be honest, both. I wish the X440 looked every bit as special as it rides because it thoroughly impresses with its riding dynamics and how eager it feels to scrape its pegs. Then comes the beautiful powertrain which might feel old school in its approach but at the same time, authentic. I wouldn’t have it other way. The X440 is also backed up competitive pricing with the Triumph Speed 400 the only notable rival that can make the X440 run with its tail wagged in between. If you’re in the market looking for a laidback thumper that isn’t slow, carries an iconic badge and comes loaded with modern-day features, it is hard to discredit the X440.


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