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Kawasaki Ninja 650 | A Saint In Ninja’s Clothing

Rather than intimidating newer riders with growling teeth, the Ninja 650 welcomes them with a friendly bear hug


Accessibility, Versatility and Mile Munching Capabilities


Below-par tyres, Lack of suspension adjustability


Big bike looks? Check!

It looks downright mean and in this particular KRT shade, the Ninja 650 grabs eyeballs everywhere it goes. Flying under the radar? Not the Ninja’s thing. Look somewhere else because it is very far from being subtle. However, if you like being an attention magnet, for both the genders alike, the Ninja 650 will massage your ego like a professional masseuse. The front fascia is instantly recognisable as it follows the same ethos as the modern Ninja family. The fairing too, justifies the Ninja moniker given its cuts and creases. Everything works in the Ninja’s favour until your eyes fall on a pair of absolute abominations: the saree guard and the pillion grab rails. Both of them can be removed but shouldn’t have existed in the first place. The rear end too, looks bulky and contributes to the big bike feel of the Ninja 650.

TopGear Magazine June 2024