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Matter Aera | First Ride Report | What's The Matter?

Matter Aera marks the most crucial influence in our transition to an electric future.


Transmission, Looks, Instrument unit


Fit and finish, Regenerative braking


Matter Aera gets a  5kWh IP67-rated liquid-cooled battery unit with a claimed range of 125 km in eco mode. I have ridden it for a very short period, so I will reserve my judgement on range accuracy. The bike gets a liquid-cooled radial flux motor with a rated claim power output of 10.5kW. It comes mated to a 4-speed gearbox. Yes, a gearbox in an EV - that enables torque amplification. The operations of the gears are smooth, and I had fun playing with them. The experience of gears in an e-bike is the first of its kind, and the consumers will like it for the experience of it. The bike has three riding modes: eco, city, and sport. As the name suggests, eco emphasizes efficiency over performance. Sports mode is a fun mode, with quick acceleration and a top speed of 100kmph. Meanwhile, the city mode finds a perfect balance that could be feasible for the maximum number of consumers. Throttle calibration is also well-judged. The bike automatically goes to eco mode as the SOC goes to 20 per cent. However, during my test, the bike went into fault mode despite the SOC being at 15 percent. 

Matter Aera gets a telescopic fork at the front and dual shock with the 5-level adjuster at the rear. The ride quality is, however, a bit on the stiffer side. In terms of handling, it is pretty natural and predictable. The braking hardware gets a 270mm petal disc at the front and a 220mm disc at the rear. It gets a single-channel ABS. In hard braking, the bike maintained its composure quite well. The feel and feedback from regenerative braking could be improved. 

TopGear Magazine July 2024