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Ultraviolette F77 | Track Machine On Road! | Road Test

F77 Recon puts itself in a unique proposition wherein one has no reference point to compare it against.


Looks, Performance and Handling


Braking, Fit and Finish



The influence of aviation design on Ultraviolette F77 is immediately apparent. The bike looks unique in its own way, and the design elements it carries make it look fast at a standstill. The side body panels have nice edges and creases to make them attractive. In a neat-looking side panel, one would notice a small fin that serves the purpose of providing air to the powertrain unit. Not just that, it also acts as a safety member during a fall or crash. The suspension shroudes at the front with a tastefully designed LED headlamp unit would be hard to ignore. At every traffic signal, inquiries about the bike are inevitable. F77 was truly attention-grabbing. The rear end is also nicely designed with a cool-looking tail lamp. However, the number plate extension and the indicators look a bit more flimsy when viewed on the go. The material and paint quality is also the favourable reason that makes the bike look appealing. Everything from the design of the wheels to the swingarms appears to be distinctive. The bike needs improvement in certain areas, especially the flimsy charging cap. A sturdier cover with a button or electric control would be a better solution.

The 5.0-inch TFT display of the Ultraviolette F77 is designed to be easily readable even in the brightest sunlight. Regarding connected tech features, F77 gets a built-in 4G SIM that provides information such as navigation with real-time traffic assists and geofencing. One can store essential documents such as a driver's license, insurance and RC. All basic commands can be operated using PlayStation-inspired buttons, which users can quickly get accustomed to. The motor will not start immediately upon powering on the bike. There will be a brief delay as the display boots up before the motor can be activated. Including a parking brake is highly recommended for the sake of convenience. Relying only on the front or rear brakes to control F77 movement in traffic can be difficult.

With the F77, the rider's triangle is strategically placed forward, giving it a bold and dynamic look while still retaining its athletic personality. It was not cumbersome. However, my wrist started to hurt after an hour-long ride. The seat height of 800 mm is adequate to ensure comfortable accommodation. I (5.8ft ) could easily keep both feet on the ground. The seats are a bit firmer, but I do not find any complaints about their comfort. Agreed, cushing could have helped to make it feel better. However, in the long run, one gets used to it and finds peace with it. The weight of the F77 is on the heavier side- 207 kgs; thus, muscling it around would be a task in itself. Fortunately, it has both reverse and forward modes, but there is no clear button for activating them. It takes some time to figure out how to use it.

TopGear Magazine July 2024