Cars/ Comparison/ Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Hyundai Alcazar – Clash of the Family Haulers

Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Hyundai Alcazar – Clash of the Family Haulers

The perfect family SUV for you.


Mahindra XUV700- Design , Feature-Rich Tata Safari- Suspension Hyundai Alcazar- VFM , Interiors


Mahindra XUV700- Expensive, Waiting Period Tata Safari- Noise and Vibrations Hyundai Alcazar- Space and Engine


The XUV700 has some quirky details but what you will not argue about is its simplified and more mature organic design language inspired by the outgoing XUV500. The new M Logo which may seem a W is the most prominent change, and will take some time getting used to. The large C-shaped sharp headlights have a peculiar design, but on the road will catch your attention. The overall silhouette is almost identical to the XUV500, but the flushed door handles and creases flowing across the body-line gives it a cleaner and sharper appeal. The rear feels plain Jane with some plasticky cuts and creases and the sequential turn indicators do feel upmarket.

Moving on to the Alcazar, let’s just call it a stretched Creta in a crispier outfit. The gunmetal chrome accents all around give it a premium look and to some, it ends up looking more expensive than the other two. The added third row gives it the longest wheelbase in this trio. The alloy wheels choice and the all-LED headlights work well, though the rear design of the car leaves a little to be desired, but sure looks more corporate and family-friendly at the same time.

The highly anticipated legendary comeback from Tata, the Safari may be love at first sight compared to its last generation. It’s gigantic and means business. It’s smart looking and subtly at the same time. The overall silhouette is an elegant one, the Discovery Sport DNA held within its Indian soul – ever-ready to pounce on the road and eat up as much tarmac and bits of vivid terrain you can possibly throw at it.

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