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2024 Audi Q8 | Successive Splendour | First Drive Review

Cape Town became the testing ground for the 2024 Audi Q8!


It's LED Matrix lights with laser beam tech


The shape of the 2024 Q8 e-tron is better


The grille’s shape has not changed unless you look closely, and you will realize that the pattern is hexagonal instead of square. There are also L or J, depending on which side of the grille you are ogling. The car we had, looked rather gorgeous with this all-new color yet to be seen on any luxury car for that matter - Shakir Gold and the inserts were painted black. It also sports the new Audi flat logo which is non-chrome and is a 2D unit.

The air intakes are large and get larger diamond-shaped openings. The real change that the Audi folks emphasized was with the headlights, which are now HD Matrix LED laser lights on top-spec cars. The styling of the light signature is new and quite fascinating and can be customized in four different ways.

The laser high beam is great tech and lights up at speeds upwards of 70kph, with 3.5 Watts throwing up a periphery vision of 500 meters and the laser spot dims automatically if the camera mounted on the windshield detects other cars within its range. The laser headlight is signified by a small blue LED in each headlight. As before, the matrix beam means the 24 LEDs light up individually and constantly adjust to the comforting eyes of the oncoming traffic.

At the rear, the design remains the same except for the rear tail lights, which are now OLED units with a new signature pattern that can also be customized with four options to choose from the digital OLED rear lights. It also has a proximity indicator, which lights up all the digital OLED segments if any vehicle approaches within two meters of the resting Q8’s rear end, warning the driver to take it easy and apply brakes. So, in the lighting mechanism, there have been a lot of technological and interesting updates.

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