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An Evolutionary Machine | Mercedes GLC 2023 | First Drive Review

A demand so high Mercedes had to put a stop to selling this car. A car which was exceptional in almost everything. A potential so strong it shook the market right away.


Effortless Powertrain, Comfort, Sophisticated design


Steering could be more precise


Mercedes has gone for a minimalist and sophisticated yet very modern interior. The interior is not entirely new per say, we have seen this previously in the S class, and it has 100% taken inspiration from that. Yet I do not have anything I want to complain about as I like every bit of it. It's not too much into the face or very tacky; instead, it has the quintessential balance making it very classy, sporty and just the right amount one needs in their daily drive. Mercedes didn't back down and gave a fully digitalised cockpit, a bold move that hit the exact point. The most attractive part is the 11.9-inch infotainment screen, designed to be tilted 6 degrees towards the driver's side. The screen has ultra-high resolution and is highly responsive.

The GLC 2023 is the first SUV in the Mercedes portfolio to have the MBUX: NTG7 taking personalisation to the next level. It comes with natural voice recognition and wireless smartphone integration. You can personalise your preferences and log in to your account every time with biometric authentication. The front side of the car has an ample amount of storage right below the infotainment screen. You get two storage units with 2 C-tyre charging ports in each making it a total of 4 C-type charging ports and adjustable cup holders. You also get wireless charging space; you only have to slide your phone into one of the storage units. 

The panoramic sunroof goes to the back seats making the car feel bigger and brighter. And usually, we have a small sliding button to open the sunroof, but in this car, all you have to do is glide your finger across and BOOM! Just like that, with a simple gliding of a finger, the sunroof is open. I approve of this upgrade. Talking about space, I could sit very comfortably, not just in the front seats, which are ventilated, but also in the rear seats. The use of expensive and very luxurious leather is visible. 

Going to the back seats, I like a good amount of legroom space. Minimal features but all necessary ones and very comfortable. You get another 2 C-type charging ports. There are rear AC vents; unfortunately, we do not get climate control for the back seat, which is available internationally. However, you get unnecessary storage where you can't even put your phone. The rear sunblinds are an excellent touch any day. And let's not forget the ambient lights around the car with different colour combinations. The car comes with 15 Burmester High-performance speakers with 710-watt output. 

Mercedes also has emphasised their energising air control, which gives out pure air inside the cabin with a 2-stage filter that detects and reduces the NOx, CO and PM2.5 levels making the air quality inside the cabin much more effective and suitable for the passengers.Going to boot space, it has increased by 70L, up to 620 litres. And if that's not enough, you can flip down the back seats with just one touch of the button and create more space, which is quite a good amount of storage for a mid-size SUV. 

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