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Bentley Bentayga EWB | Just Not 7 Inches Long | First Drive Review







To open the boot, you have to press the Bentley logo, which at first will take some time to figure out, and once it opens,  the boot space is 380 litres. And now here I started scratching my head because the normal Bentayga offers 487 litres, and this one with extra wheelbase has swallowed those many litres & added 7 inches for the comfort of the boss man inside!

The quad exhausts look cool and are not fake at all, and what is not fake is the comfort offered for rear-seat passengers. The sun shades cut off light in a way that you can dose off without actually closing your eyes. You get a tray, but you really have to stretch to do anything until you pull up in front practically.

The focus is all on its epic rear quarters. The optional airline seats are really quite something; they possess 22-way electrical adjustment, massaging functionality and a recline angle of up to 40 degrees. Developed with a chiropractor, these seats will read your body temperature every 25 milliseconds and apply their heating and ventilation (or even both) to keep you at an optimum temperature. The seat will also oh-so subtly adjust its position throughout a long journey to keep blood flowing in your lower back and legs. I would love to do Mumbai-Goa to test this one day. The recline with a footrest will spoil you, but the Range Rover does it better, and the Cullinan does it the best. Bentley's even worked with neuroscientists to ensure your mind is equally soothed. Like the diamond patterns on the door trim, they not only illuminate as night-time mood lighting, but their symmetrical pattern absorbs stress from the brain. Cool aha!

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