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BMW M2 | Unadulterated ‘M’arvel! | First Drive

The all-new entry point to BMW’s M division thrills and admittedly makes you question the need of an M4.


Chassis & Fun Handling, All-round Practical Coupe


Imperfect 6-spd Manual, Heavy-weight, Mediocre Fuel Economy


It’s the exterior design needs a special mention. It’s racy, pulled back, sits taut to the ground and has a retro-futuristic vibe to it - almost like a Toyota Supra! Admittedly the M2’s overall design theme seems a little less cohesive and will take some time to grow on you. The kidney grilles built directly into the front bumper, with no outline and squared-off openings on the lower fascia match similar outlines on the rear bumper – inspired by some sixties models but wish it would all have been a little less confusing and more appealing.

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