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BMW X1 | The Synergy Between Beauty And Tech

One word for the All-new third-generation BMW X1: Evolved!!


Mileage, Comfort, Sporty Design, Sports Boost Mode


Insulation, Initial Punch


BMW has always been about powerful machines with great comfort. The previous gen BMW X1 was loved and enjoyed by a large crowd due to its practical yet luxurious nature in the entry-level luxury SUV segment. But when compared to the new addition X1 2023, it feels fusty appearance-wise. The new-gen comes with many upgrades, changes and a brand-new facelift. And I, for one, am a seeker of sporty looks. Thus I'm very intrigued to try my hands at this car and discover whether it is as sporty while driving as it looks with its new facelift. 

Everyone has different views on what luxury is for them. For me, luxury is all about taking time out of my on-the-go life just for myself. It can be as simple as sitting at home reading a book or watching Netflix, going out on a long drive chasing the sunset, or simply going out with friends to a place and listening to some good tunes and relaxing surrounded by nature. 

While I already had the key to the newest gen X1 in my hands, I decided to go for a day trip to Lonavala. Meaning I get to test out the car and have my small getaway. Let's start the journey, shall we?



The BMW X1 became my travel partner for my mini vacation to Lonavala, and I would use it for my next trip if given an opportunity. It has a few downs but many more ups to compensate for them, just like how I enjoyed driving up on the ghats way more than driving down the ghats. After a few food stops and a slight detour, this car still had many kms to cover in its tank. So it is a complete right tick in the mileage department. 

Although its direct competitors, the Audi Q3, Mercedes GLA, and Volvo XC40, are strong in their departments. A BMW is always a BMW with high-class luxury, high-end technology, and high-speed performance. The BMW X1 has its party going for now. But with the 2023 GLA coming soon, it might shake things up.

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