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Choice of Convenience | Tata Tiago iCNG AMT Driven

The AMT gearbox-equipped Tiago iCNG is an industry first


Convenience, ride, boot space


Refinement, service experience


Starting with a flip of the key, the Tiago i-CNG AMT defaults to CNG mode, saving petrol during ignition. While not the most refined or peppy engine, it offers a smooth, linear power delivery, with a slight dip in the mid-range. It might not set speed records, but for navigating congested city traffic, it's perfectly adequate.

Switch to petrol for a leisurely pace, and you'll find minimal difference between the fuels. Both acceleration and part-throttle responses are decent, keeping you in sync with city traffic flow. However, a more spirited driving style reveals the limits of CNG power, and also that of the AMT transmission. 

Yes it does exhibit the characteristic head-nod during gear changes, but it compensates by readily downshifting to keep the engine in its optimal power zone. Additionally, manual shifting on the gear lever provide a satisfying sense of manual control.

TopGear Magazine June 2024