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Do You Really Need A 911 Turbo | Aston Martin DB12

Aston knows how to design a handsome machine


Looks, no modern electric interferance


Slow screens, cramped rear seats



Sitting in the cabin of the DB12, which gets this all-new interior, I can confirm that it has been executed with a lot of thought. And the quality - stitched leather, tactile buttons with such great feedback, a high-contrast screen with a matte sort of a finish to cut off the glare. It feels special, it feels unique. The interior makeover is as significant as the suspension transformation. Rather than vertical lines rising from the center console to bisect the dash, strong horizontal lines have been used, adding width and reducing distraction by mounting the switchgear and screens lower. And rejoice: the screens aren’t Mercedes’ castoffs from a couple of generations back but are now developed in-house, more responsive, and with better graphics. Aston’s first touchscreen, no less.

TopGear Magazine June 2024