Cars/ First-drive/ Honda Elevate | First Drive Review | Comfort level: It’s over 9000!

Honda Elevate | First Drive Review | Comfort level: It’s over 9000!

Comfort level: It’s over 9000!


Comfortable, impressive NVH levels, Honda Sensing


Misses features like rear curtains, type-C ports, etc.


Honda has been out of the SUV market for a long time until now. Adding to the line of Amaze and City in India, Honda is all set to enter the SUV body style competition globally with the Elevate. The appeal for a larger, more capable car is at an all-time high in India. HCIL wants a piece of that market, but the competition from across-the-globe offerings brings tough competition. Honda City is one car you see all around; it has a good engine, good transmission, space and comfort, reliability factor, and an ASEAN N-Cap 5 rated for safety. Building on the City's strong foundation, Honda Elevate brings more in terms of sheer dimensions, feel and clever electronic aids. 

India is the largest populated and has one of the largest young crowds worldwide. Our automotive market has witnessed a boom; hence the Honda Elevate is accompanied by what seems to be a paradox of choice among car body styles. We drove this new entrant among twisties of Raita hills, car-carved off-road trails among mountains and some open narrow stretches of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India and the Elevate seems promising enough to elevate HCIL car orders in the upcoming months. Here's why!



The Honda Elevate is a well-thought-out product from Honda. It features everything you desire regarding wireless connectivity and usable actual cameras featuring interesting software enhancements for daily use. The chassis, suspension setup, seats and underpinnings take the best from the Honda City and improve upon it to tackle just about anything under this car’s wheels while providing a class-leading ride quality and comfort. HCIL plans to build an EV based on the Honda Elevate, and this petrol variant gets the best of both worlds. There is EV-level comfort, rivalling the best of this segment with one of the best NA engine and transmission options available in HCIL’s arsenal. Test drives open soon, and Honda plans to start production in August 2023, with deliveries as soon as September 23. This car should be priced in and around the Honda City prices, and if one engine unit brings price parity, there is nothing as comfortable to drive or be driven as the Honda Elevate for the money. 

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