Cars/ First-drive/ Hyundai Verna Vs. Skoda Slavia Vs. Honda City | New School Vs. Old School Vs. The School | Comparison Test

Hyundai Verna Vs. Skoda Slavia Vs. Honda City | New School Vs. Old School Vs. The School | Comparison Test

All these three sedans are the best in their segment and have reigned supreme for the longest time, with the balance of power shifting each year amongst them. Let’s see who comes out on top this time.


Honda City - VFM
Skoda Slavia - Fun-to-drive, Looks
Hyundai Verna - Performance and Features


Honda City - Old design, Performance
Skoda Slavia - Suspension, Back-seat comfort, Expensive
Hyundai Verna - Interior


SUVs own our streets, and in today’s times, most impractical vehicles have had their sales cannibalised by their SUV brethren. Yet somehow, these three sedans have prevailed and outlived the purge. Of course, they’ve had to get with the times and, unlike past sedans, have lost the attitude and proved more practical. Be it in terms of dimensions, usable space and ground clearance while still maintaining their driver-focused essence.

The Honda City has been around for quite a while now, with little sprinkles for updates now and then, including a variant with a proper hybrid system. However, we’ve picked it and the others in their petrol manual guise for an appropriate comparison. The Skoda Slavia made a name for itself last year and has only seen fierce competition from its German counterpart. The Slavia is well put together and minimal. Relatively fresh in this segment. It is the spiritual successor to the Rapid, yet it is closer to what Laura used to be.

Meanwhile, the Hyundai Verna is a fierce competitor and has been battling it out in this segment for quite a while now. It’s the newest kid on the block and packed with new styling and tech; it intends to be the king of the hill again.



All these three sedans have grown not just in dimensions but also in stature, and so has their price. Take a good long look at the price tag, and you will realise that the Honda City is quite a bargain for anyone simply looking for a trusty and reliable package wrapped in simplicity and comfort. The Honda City makes an excellent case for itself and is a good entry point for anyone looking to buy a sedan that’ll give them a decent chauffeur-driven experience.

The Skoda Slavia being the most expensive in this test, needs to catch up on many fronts. It has little to no special features and even misses out on any advanced electronic aids or driver assistance tech. It’s pretty simple and barebones in a lot of ways. However, for everything it lays, it certainly makes up for it in terms of its driving experience. It’s definitely the most fun to drive a car in this test despite not being the most powerful and being only held back by its tyres. The Skoda Slavia is a purchase that only a true petrolhead would make that wants the finest build and most agility.

The Hyundai Verna, the newest kid on the block, has had the advantage of studying its competition and preparing itself against it. Well the Verna has managed to do precisely that. It’s the best equipped, freshest feeling and most suave in every way possible. It finds a delicate balance between what the City and Slavia hope to achieve and does so without breaking the bank. It costs a bit more than the City and a lot less than the Slavia and manages to deliver an experience that’s the best of both worlds. If you can get past its look, quirky styling and gimmicks, the Verna is a stellar package and does a fantastic job justifying it’s asking price. And if you haven’t guessed it already, it wins this comparison.

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