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Kia Sonet 2024 | Is This Truly The Apple Of The Segment | First Drive Review



Multiple powertrain and variants options to choose from


Seating comfort, space on the inside

Specs & Prices


Looking at the Sonet from a buyer's perspective, its major rivals, the Nexon and Brezza, offer distinct advantages. The Nexon is larger and safer, while the Brezza provides easy ownership and peace of mind. The Sonet, however, strikes a balance by incorporating the best features from both, offering unmatched features, diverse engine and transmission options, and head-turning styling, especially with the X-Line variant.

Kia also assures an excellent ownership experience with robust after-sales service. Safety is enhanced with the addition of ADAS, although real-world driving conditions may limit its daily use. While crash tests are pending, I firmly believe test results in a closed environment is not how a car should be defined. What defines a car is the experience is builds. And that’s where the sonet excels - day-to-day driving experience is going to be extremely pleasing. To Tata enthusiasts, experience the Sonet once, and ponder if, without budget constraints, you'd choose anything else in this segment?

And that's why I believe the Sonet is the Apple of the segment.

Your Quick ADAS Guide:

High Beam Assist (HBA) - while driving at night you can leave the headlamps on high beam and it will automatically lower the beam when it senses oncoming traffic.

Leading Vehicle Departure Alert (LVDA) - say suppose you are in stop and go traffic and there’s an important email you are reverting to. While you are stationary and suing your phone you can rely on the system to tell you when the car in front moved ahead, so you don’t have to do this

Forward Collision Warning (FCW) - This is crucial for highway and high speeds driving. You absolutely shouldn’t but if you do get distracted while driving and do not spot a slowing car in front of you, the system will beep and warn you.

Forward Collison - Avoidance Assist-Car (FCA-Car/Pedestrian/Cyclist)

This feature applies the brakes of the vehicle when it senses a collision with a vehicle, pedestrian or car.

Lane Keep Assist (LKA) - it keeps you in the centre of the lane. Lot of new drivers are not able to centre their car while driving on highways, taking that long bend ahead. This will teach you how to master that skill. I could do that too, but I’m not the Sonet.

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