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Lotus Eletre | First Drive Review

Does The Impressive Numeric Data Translate Into An Equally Impressive Experience?






Chances are you’re thinking of flowers when you hear the word Lotus, even if you’re an auto enthusiast. Not everyone knows that Lotus Cars is a British automotive company with a rich history of producing lightweight, high-performance sports cars. Founded in 1952 by Colin Chapman, the company has a significant presence in motorsports, particularly in Formula One racing. Lotus cars are renowned for their agility, precision handling, and minimalist design philosophy. However, the British automaker’s reputation has experienced highs and lows over its 70+ years of existence, and it has finally entered the Indian market.

Lotus has produced remarkable and memorable models such as the wedgelike Espirit sports car, the super-lightweight Elise roadster, and the mid-engined Emira sports car, known for its sharp handling around corners. One standout in their portfolio is the 2000 horsepower Evija, an electric hypercar that can electrify the walls of any true gearhead’s mind.

The Lotus Eletre R is now available in India, imported as a CBU by Exclusive Motors, responsible for rolling out the Bentley range. Priced at a staggering Rs 2.99 crore (ex-showroom) it bears a striking resemblance to the mighty URUS but competes closely with the Audi RS e-tron GT on paper. The Lotus Eletre R aims to captivate Indian luxury auto buyers with its bold design. 

"With an electric soul generating 907 hp and 985 nm of torque, the LotusEeletre R promises an exhilarating driving experience"


At a price point of Rs 3 crores, the Lotus Eletre R stands out in the market as a unique electric performance SUV, competing favorably with its specs, design, and price. While the Urus is an extra crore at the ex-showroom level, the Lotus Eletre R remains unparalleled in its category. However, as a new entrant in the Indian market, Lotus may face the challenge of convincing potential buyers to aspire to its brand and invest in a luxury vehicle priced at over 3 crores. Nevertheless, the Lotus Eletre R packs in a lot of thrill and is a stunning presence on the road.

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