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Mahindra XUV 3XO First Drive Review

Staying true to its brand value, Mahindra has given us best in class performance


Comfort, Tech and Performance


Exterior design is polarising


We tested the 1.2-litre TGDi petrol engine producing 129hp of power and 230Nm of torque  with the 6-speed automatic gearbox around the roads of Nashik. Also available is a 1.5-litre diesel engine that produces 115hp of power and 300Nm, and it can be had with an AMT or a manual gearbox. 

First up I drove the car on the highway to test out just how powerful and strong the engine’s punch is. And staying true to its brand value, Mahindra has surely given us the best in class performance. The throttle response is impressive and at higher speeds, this engine does not run out of breadth, thanks to its wide spread of torque. Driving in stop and go traffic however, you can sense some lag. This is only accentuated by the automatic gearbox which feels confused at times and jerky in choc-a-bloc traffic. However, the XUV 3XO does get three drive modes on the petrol automatic – Zip, Zap and Zoom. I personally loved Zoom because of the racer inside me, and you will truly enjoy it as well because it keeps the revs high and acceleration is more responsive. Put your foot down and 0-60kmph comes up in 4.5 seconds. Talking about the brakes, the 3XO comes with all-wheel disc brakes. While the bite is good, a more progressive pedal feel would have been appreciated. Another gripe is that the accelerator and brake pedals are not placed correctly in the footwell. 

Another first-in-segment feature the brand has added to this car is the Level 2 ADAS, which is the same system as the XUV 700. Personally, I would switch off the ADAS as it becomes tricky to drive with it on Indian roads. But if you prefer it, you get adaptive cruise control, lane keep assistance, forward collision warning and a lot more. The car also comes with 6 airbags which are standard on all variants.

In terms of the suspension, you get McPherson struts up front and a twist beam with coil springs at the rear. The ride of the XUV 3XO is stiff, and part of that could also be down to the 17-inch wheels. Larger bumps and potholes can be felt inside the cabin with a thud. However the benefit of this is that at higher speeds, on corners and on highways, the car feels more stable and planted. The steering is light to use but could do with more feedback and feel, and I would have liked it to be more precise. 

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