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Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara | Long Term Report

To see if Maruti Suzuki can do justice to the C-SUV segment and charm the Indian masses!


Feels big


Lacks excitement and is underpowered


ONE OF THE BIGGEST TRUMP CARDS OF GRAND VITARA IS ITS RIDE quality and seat comfort. Be it on bad roads. , or out on an open highway - the car feels exceptionally stable. I took the car on terrible roads, and once it started to take it all in its stride, it bumped my confidence to take it even further, and honestly, it did not disappoint. However, my gripe is its fuel economy, which I have already said in my earlier report as well. Also, I would have appreciated the fun factor from its engine. The differentiating part of Grand Vitara is its looks, especially in this Nexa Blue colour. The design exudes a sense of

sophistication without being too splashy. The lower hexagonal section exudes an undeniable coolness, thanks to its thick chrome bar and a sleek line of high-mounted LEDs. The stance is imposing, and that's undeniable. Just like its exteriors, the interiors also do feel premium. The layout of the dashboard is distinct, and everything feels well put together. The panoramic sunroof is big enough and does add a charm to the cabin. The sound quality is satisfactory, and playing your preferred music at high volume will not disappoint you. All in all, it is a perfectly balanced product from the Maruti Suzuki stable.

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