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The Rs. 3.7 Crore McLaren GT is a comfortable speedster – a mid-engine grand-tourer that’s calmer and smoother than many supercars.


Ferocious Pace, Sharp handling, F1 racing pedigree


Poor Infotainment system, Limited Cabin Utility


For starters, the GT is a low-slung two-seater carbon tub with a twin-turbocharged mid-mounted V8 that manages to offer increased ground clearance of 110 mm & upto 130 mm with lift function. It also boasts of 570 litres of luggage space (150 in the front, 420 above the rear engine) that’s more than some SUV’s boast of, but it’s primarily flat luggage space over the engine bay for stuff like golf clubs, a pair of skis, a guitar or pizzas. And this is what helps the GT achieve is its low, sleek, flying missile styling that a mid-engined car desires.

McLaren has also stuck to its dramatic wing doors, which I personally love and getting into the slightly raised seat maybe an awkward drop for some. Inside, there’s no mistaking it’s a McLaren - you’re sat in a snug cabin barely above the ground. Initially it may seem the only luxury upgrade from 720S to GT is additional leather. But there is memory foam in the seats to make them more comfortable, multi-direction power adjustment and a powered steering column too. The switchgear is a mix of plastic and metal, and everything feels expensive and is unique to McLaren. The overall design ethos is functional although the steering wheel design left a lot to be desired.

At 4,683mm long, the GT is the longest road-going McLaren to date. For context, that’s 150mm longer than the McLaren 570GT. It’s worth noting a few other dimensions. For example, the GT’s height extends to 1,977mm with the butterfly doors open making it taller than a Range Rover! That is something you’ll want to bear in mind when you’re in a multi-storey car park. With the doors open, the GT is also 3,286mm wide, so parking between two cars and exiting is tricky business and a flexible body will surely make things easier.

TopGear Magazine May 2024