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One of the best-sounding cars on Indian roads | Hyundai Venue N-Line

The Venue N-Line is a competitive vibe enjoyed by enthusiasts and adored by everyone else


Performance , Exhaust note


Stiff Suspension


Drives sharp and sounds enthusiastic 

The Venue N-Line stance is shared with the regular Venue 2022, making it a practical car as a daily driver. The aural experience of the dual-pipe exhaust stuns and sounds way sportier than the actual drive experience. Despite the city’s legal speed limits, each rev built-up sounds fun and exhilarating. It induces an audio sense of pure enthusiasm from the driver, the passenger seat, and the audience on the road anticipating a sports car to pass by. The exhaust note alone feels like they’ve added a sportier engine beneath the hood, although that’s not the case.

Adding to the auditory sense of enthusiast feels is a lightweight steering wheel paired with stiffer suspensions and four disc brakes on all four tyres. The Venue N-Line has the exact power figures as the standard Venue with 7-Speed DCT, but the weight reduction in the form of regular seats compared to the ventilated seats on the Venue 2022 make the N-Line feel a tad bit snappier in the real world. The stiffer suspension setup keeps the car planted on high-speed cornering while still being able to soak road undulations like any other mid-size SUV. This duality makes the drive more confident than its formal-suited sibling, Venue 2022.

The improved power-to-weight ratio is eminent while driving the Venue N-Line. The N-Line steering makes it a joyful experience to manoeuvre this car in the city and on highways. Despite the drive mode selected, this car sounds maddening fun when revved. The DCT performs excellent with the Turbo GDi configuration and is smooth in transitions. In Sport mode, the 7-Speed DCT keeps the gears engaged right up to an invisible redline, but the most fun is squeezed through those large paddle shifters driving this car in manual. Thanks to the entire N-Line driving dynamics, it feels relatively light on its wheel yet surefooted. We dearly missed the rev counter on this car, and being digital; we hope Hyundai updates the MID in the future.

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