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Volvo C40 Recharge | Wolf In Sheep's Clothing | First Drive Review

The XC40 Recharge was quite a success for Volvo, and now, to bank on that success is their second EV.


Ballistic Performance, practicality, best-in-class audio system


I've honestly got nothing bad to say.


Is the C40 Recharge fun to drive?

Hell Yeah! From the moment you get going, you realize this EV has the mannerisms to be calm and composed, but you know what lurks beneath the pedal is a total beast. Floor the accelerator, and you will unleash a family SUV that can put most sports cars of a bygone era to shame. A Lamborghini Miura and an Aston Martin Rapide are cars that would most likely lose a drag race against the C40 Recharge. It's just nuts to think about and slowly realize what a performance bargain this drivetrain is. Its straight-line performance is undoubtedly the best in class, but even the handling could be better. The low-resistance tires could be to blame, but despite that, the C40 Recharge is quite agile when you factor in just how much weight it's lunging about. The brakes, too, perform well, though they leave you wanting more in extreme cases. 


Is it a good daily driver?

Well, yes, again. The C40 Recharge has exact throttle inputs and will happily crawl in your city's traffic. The suspension is comfortable and composed and glides over most low-speed obstacles. The C40 Recharge also boasts a tall enough ground clearance for you to be confident even to take it off the beaten path now and then, though the wheels would suggest you stick to mild dirt trails. Volvo claims a range of 530 – 630 kms, depending on your driving style and terrain. The C40 Recharge should easily pull off up to 400 to 450 kms of range, sufficient when you factor in just how much power you're packing. 

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