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Honda Introduces EV Brand Ye to ‘Shine Brightly’ in Chinese EV Market

Honda is making a third attempt to capture the Chinese EV market. China is one of the most fierce markets in the world for an EV market. The Japanese automakers have struggled to find a place among the Chinese giants. The second most selling Japanese brand, Honda, hasn’t stopped trying, though. They have developed a new brand for China called 'Ye'. The name comes from the Chinese letter "烨", which means "shine brilliantly". To make this name a reality and 'shine brightly' in the Chinese market, they will release 6 EVs under the Ye Series in China by 2027. 

All About Ye 

As stated earlier, 6 EVs are in the pipeline under the Ye badge; three will be exhibited at the 18th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2024). It is part of Honda's initiative to reach 100% EV sales in China by 2035. The cars will be based on the completely electric W architecture. 

The current line includes the Ye GT, the Ye P7, and the Ye S7. The Ye GT's mass production goal is 2025. GAC Honda, a joint venture between Honda and GAC Group, will manufacture the Ye P7. Dongfeng Honda, a joint venture between Honda and Dongfeng Motor, will manufacture the Ye S7.

The Ye cars look unique thanks to Honda's new illuminated H logo, which is a new addition to the next-generation EVs. CATL will supply the batteries on these cars. 


The highlight among the models is undoubtedly the Ye GT, which aims to be a low and wide Grand Tourer EV. It was designed by a Chinese R&D team with young members at its core. It has a light bar connecting the headlamps in the front. The interiors, with their red and black aesthetics, give it a sporty vibe. According to Honda, the driver will be immersed in a race car-like experience. The front passenger will have a far-focus display designed to create depth and experience when using a large screen. 

Not the First Time

This is not the first time Honda has tried to capture the Chinese market. Their first dip in the world's largest EV market was in October 2021 with the electric brand e:N. It came with its own e:N architecture, and the first EV under this brand, the e: NS1, came out in April 2022. The e:N line will exist parallel to the Ye brand moving forward. 

Honda made a second attempt as recently as September 2023 through its company, Dongfeng Honda, which operates in partnership with Dongfeng. The brand was named Lingxi and targeted younger users. It existed along with e:NS at separate prices. Lingxi L sedan will be sold in 2024 based on a new electric platform. 



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