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Extreme E is now Extreme H and Now Uses Hydrogen

There is a new car in the first hydrogen race series, Extreme H. The series has a new focus on green technology and moves away from racing in remote locations to raise awareness for climate change. It will be the successor to Extreme E, which has targeted to promote sustainability and electric vehicles by racing SUVs in harsh areas already hit by environmental damage in a 'docu-sport' concept. 

New Focus

The hydrogen they will use will be made through splitting water with the help of electrolysis powered by renewable energy. Their focus initially was to show what was happening in the remote locations, but now, it has shifted to hydrogen technology. This means they don't need to go to remote locations to tell the stories. The races will now be closer to the US and Europe because that is where the hydrogen is to be deployed. 

The Car 

The car being used in the race is designed and manufactured by Spark Racing Technology. It uses a hydrogen fuel cell from Symbio. Extreme H claims it has undergone an intensive testing programme equivalent to three racing seasons in readiness for its debut campaign. 

It is powered by a 75kW hydrogen fuel cell, which replaces the battery. Its peak power output is 536 bhp. It is capable of accelerating the 2200 kilogram car from 0-100kph in 4.5 seconds and scale gradients of up to 130 per cent.

Each Pioneer 25-raced in Extreme H consists of a standard package of standardised parts from Spark Racing Technology. One open area for teams is the ability to redesign front and rear bodywork and lights to replicate the look of everyday car models.

The Extreme H Pioneer 25 was revealed in a special Red Bull livery at the official launch to mark their entry as the official Energy Drinks Partner.

The Schedule and Competitors

The 2025 event's 10-round calendar will start in Saudi Arabia in April. It will be followed by Britain, Germany, and Italy and then rounded up in the United States. The list of team owners is star-studded, with Formula 1 champions Lewis Hamilton, Jensen Button, and Nico Rosberg all owning teams. Seven-time NASCAR Cup champion Jimmie Johnson is also among the competitors. 

Past Races

Extreme E, the predecessor to this race, was launched in 2021. It races a similar SUV called Spark Odyssey 21 with both male and female drivers. It races in countries like Senegal, Greenland, Chile, and Uruguay. The series also has Legacy Programs that support social and environmental projects in the areas where it races.

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