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KTM 390 Adventure X & SW| Worth The Hype? | First Ride Review

KTM has finally delivered what I believe are the two best variants of the 390 Adventure that one could buy.


KTM 390 Adventure X- Ride , Handling , VFM KTM 390 Adventure SW - Off-road ability , Suspension


KTM 390 Adventure X- Tyre Grip KTM 390 Adventure SW- Expensive


Why the X?


The 390 Adventure X hits the sweet spot and allows you to experience the most enjoyable parts of this motorcycle. While most people think the 390 Adventure needs all the electronics to make it livable, the stellar chassis and potent motor are more than balanced, so you never need a safety net. The KTM Duke 390 was initially launched in 2013 and was as barebones as ever. Armed with only ABS, the Duke 390 blew the audience out of the park. With its agile yet sharp handling package and explosive performance, it was rightfully named a pocket rocket. The 390 Adventure has the same motor that’s been slightly watered down and presented in a different tune. It has the handling credentials and agility, but its relatively linear power delivery makes it very controllable and easy to use. 


Why the SW?


Given our country's roads, seeing the lack of homegrown adventure and dirt-oriented motorcycles is amusing. Only in the past couple of years has the number slowly been on the rise, with manufacturers taking note of the shift in demand. Long have customers awaited a more off road-ready version of the 390 Adventure better equipped for our poor roads. Granted, the regular 390 Adventure with its alloy wheels is capable, but the fear of bending a rim may always loom over you. In addition, the adjustable forks aim to make the motorcycle more articulate for riders that wish to fine-tune the suspension based on their weight and the type of riding they’d be indulging in. 

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