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KTM 390 Adventure X & SW| Worth The Hype? | First Ride Review

KTM has finally delivered what I believe are the two best variants of the 390 Adventure that one could buy.


KTM 390 Adventure X- Ride , Handling , VFM KTM 390 Adventure SW - Off-road ability , Suspension


KTM 390 Adventure X- Tyre Grip KTM 390 Adventure SW- Expensive


The Backstory


KTM India and their product strategy need more ambition with their recent launches. First, they didn’t launch the full-fledged version of the 390 Adventure but instead gave us a rather road-biased version of their adventure motorcycle, be it with all the technological wizardry. Yet the people wanted more, and instead, we got the 390 Adventure V. The “V” is essentially a lower seat height version of the regular 390 Adventure to make it more accessible for shorter riders. After all the wait, KTM India has finally brought in two new variants, which I think are the ones we should have got all along. 


What is the X?


The 390 Adventure X is a barebones package that gives you all the best attributes about the 390 Adventure, minus the tech wizardry. While most folks may think that’s blasphemy, the 390 Adventure never needed more than just ABS, but more on that later. Thanks to the removal of advanced electronics and a full-colour TFT, the price is lowered by a considerable margin, by nearly Rs. 60,000. You don’t get the Metzeler tyres; instead, you get a set of MRF tyres. 


What is the 390 Adventure SW?


The “SW” essentially stands for spoked wheels and gives the Indian buyers the variant they’ve all been waiting for. Armed with spoked wheels and adjustable forks, it aims to be the best ADV one can buy in the sub 400cc segment. It has all the necessary electronics and a brand-new orange livery to distinguish it as the ultimate 390 Adventure. 

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