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Oben Rorr | Silent Roar | First Ride Review

At 1.50 lakhs (ex-showroom), the brand has played its value card as it merits.


Handling, battery chemistry, looks


Front braking, seat comfort


The designers have done a good job. It looks more appealing with the colour schemes and graphics. It doesn't look like a conventional motorcycle, and the neo-retro styling does make it stand out. The aluminium cast components around the battery holder, grab rails, and headlight look fantastic, especially in the yellow shade colour of our test bike. The quality of the paint and graphics feels nice. The charging port does feel a bit flimsy, and the smudges around the black panel appear pretty visible.

The bike gets a rather decent colour-segmented LED display, which has a photoelectric sensor in it that automatically manages its brightness according to the ambient lighting. In terms of safety - it gets a driver alert system - that basically keeps the rider aware of beep noise whenever the bike's speed is reduced to 5kmph or less. This could be an annoying feature to some and quite helpful to many, as it helps consumers be aware of the throttle input when the motor is on. The bike also comes with an e-sim that enables real-time vehicle tracking and anti-theft features via a mobile app.

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