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Oben Rorr | Silent Roar | First Ride Review

At 1.50 lakhs (ex-showroom), the brand has played its value card as it merits.


Handling, battery chemistry, looks


Front braking, seat comfort


The emergence of EV startups is an interesting development in the automobile industry. While the concept is still relatively new, there is no doubt that it has generated a lot of anticipation and curiosity. We have become accustomed to hearing terms like prototype, pre-production version, and software testing when a product is showcased and tested. It's okay to put out these stunts, but more often than not, the timeline they promise is often not delivered. But, times are changing, startups are getting mature, and their production and supply chain is getting streamlined. Good thing, right? One such startup is - Oben Electric. Last year, when we first rode Oben Rorr, it had its fair share of niggles and problems. They introduced the latest version to fix those issues. So, read further to check how good their fix is and how the changes have been reflected in real-world riding.


At 1.50 lakhs (ex-showroom), the brand has played its value card as it merits. Oben Rorr is a no-nonsense, simple e-motorcycle that does all things fundamentally well. It rides decently, handles nicely, performance is adequate and looks unique. A few things still could be better: firstly - the braking bite and feedback, and secondly - seating comfort. The fit and finish is adequate - not too good, not too bad either. Based on my initial short experience, I find the bike to be quite satisfactory. I am interested in testing its limits in the real world to gain a more comprehensive understanding of its capabilities.

TopGear Magazine June 2024