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TVS X | Costly Affair | First Ride

TVS aims to curate a premium experience at a premium price. But is the experience premium enough to justify such a high asking price?


Cutting design, premium build


Limited range, high asking price


The last time we saw the TVS X, it was on top of the world in Dubai before the Burj Khalifa. TVS has priced the X while they were up there, and that has been the talk of the town. Our automotive industry has plenty of products with high asking prices, but there usually is a much more affordable alternative right around the corner. Sure, it may not give you 100%, but 80% at half price isn't a bad proposition. In a price-sensitive nation such as ours, the TVS X was quite an anomaly. It aims to be not only the fastest but also the most feature-loaded electric scooter one can buy. Does it live up to its rather bold claim? We came to TVS's facility in Hosur to test the X and find out.


What is the X?

It's an electric scooter with the largest battery capacity in India and premium features to back it up. It also has the highest claimed power figures and range of any scooter currently on sale in India. What it also has is a high asking price that TVS claims is thanks to the use of premium materials and technology, along with a few more benefits such as a dedicated concierge service available for owners 24/7. Additionally, TVS aims to partner with social clubs, lounges, restaurants and other such experiences that would be available via elite access for all owners. 



How does the X feel?

The build quality on the X is top-notch, and everything you touch feels built to last. The high-resolution display is smooth and quick to respond. However, it can be a fingerprint magnet, which does hamper the visibility once the light hits the smudges. TVS has included controversial features like allowing users to browse the internet, watch movies, reels and even play games on this display. TVS ensures you can access these features only when you're stationary. However, this is more of a gimmick than an actual quality addition. Plus, the screen is paired with a set of JBL speakers hidden behind a panel, and the last thing I'd want is a bunch of frustrated commuters listening in on my reels. Jesting aside, I see massive potential in the speaker, and I'd love it if TVS could allow you to do funky things, like making the X sound like something out of The Jetsons.


There is no physical key to start the scooter; instead, you can punch in a pin or use your phone or even your smartwatch to access this scooter. TVS says that up to 5 users can be logged in, and each can individually customise the screen and everything it displays. However, there will only be one admin that will have access to the scooter and can decide other parameters like the speed and even geofencing. The screen even pairs with your phone and allows you to use navigation on the screen. Overall, the screen is impressive and quite a tech fest for anyone interested.



Should you buy one?

Well, that's the hard-hitting question. As lovely as the TVS X is, its price is a hard pill to swallow. For nearly a lakh more than its closest competition, it doesn't justify its higher asking price. Sure, it's got slightly better performance and features, but those features aren't a game changer, and the hike in performance is negligible. TVS could have added more to this scooter to sweeten the deal. This platform has great potential, and I look forward to future electric products with similar hardware and even more refined software. However, this is not a great teaser of what can and will come from future TVS products.

I look forward to pitting it against its closest rivals, both electric and petrol, to see how well the X stacks up.  

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