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TVS X | Costly Affair | First Ride

TVS aims to curate a premium experience at a premium price. But is the experience premium enough to justify such a high asking price?


Cutting design, premium build


Limited range, high asking price



How is the X?

Unfortunately, we were only given 20 minutes to spend with the X around TVS's facility, which had controlled conditions and relatively smooth tarmac. Though the experience was limited, it shed light on certain factors and attributes of the scooter. Take the claimed range, for instance, which, according to TVS, is 140 km. However, during my test, I noticed that at 99%, I only had a range of about 104 kms. Slot out of its most conscious mode and into its most aggressive mode, and that range drops even further to just 80 kms. After 20 minutes of riding at low speeds and the occasional high-speed stint, that range fell to 84%. Meanwhile, Ather claims a very similar range and has slightly higher real-world ranges with a smaller battery capacity.


The performance on the X didn't blow me away nearly as much as I'd expected it to. Sure, it's got a strong surge in its highest performance mode, but during my tests, the X would randomly switch off during hard acceleration. I was informed this was a technical issue, and I'm sure it can be sorted with a quick software patch, but that doesn't change the fact that even when everything worked as expected, it didn't exactly blow me away the way I would have expected. I achieved a top speed of 106 km/hr, but this will undoubtedly cost you a lot of juice. The X not only has a single channel ABS as standard, but it also has discs on both ends that boast quite the stopping power. It drops momentum on a dime, and I was more than pleased with its ability to come to a complete halt.



The smooth roads around the facility allowed me to gauge only so much of the ride quality. The suspension seems smooth but could have had better rebound damping. The rear suspension is adjustable, but TVS didn't reveal to what degree. Nevertheless, the suspension is softer, and it doesn't enjoy hitting bumps at higher speeds. The X also gets cruise control for those of you who will be doing many highway stints and need to be more active to twist the throttl

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