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2022 Zontes GK350 | Feature Worthy or Price Worthy? First Ride Review

Can the Zontes GK350 attract the attention of the masses with all the features it has on offer?


Looks and Features


Refinement and Performance


Powering the Zontes GK350 is a 349cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled motor that produces 38bhp and 32.8Nm of torque which for a motorcycle of its size feels quite adequate. But what was a severe letdown was the refinement of the motor, it felt highly gruff, and vibrations were felt through the handlebars and foot pegs right from a lower rpm. Moreover, the power delivery of the GK350 feels lacking since the power is only available in the mid-range that a usual café-racer trait. But that doesn’t translate to a bad riding experience. The ergonomics of the GK350 are pretty relaxed, with the placement of the foot pegs and the height of the handlebar not being too uncomfortable.

Another remarkable thing that the GK350 did was it handled pretty well. It carves corners easily and due to the length of the motorcycle, it feels pretty compact. But the one thing both me and my collogue noticed was the weight of the handlebars, which are quite heavy, making it slightly difficult to manoeuvre the GK350 in situations such as tight parking spots or heavy traffic. The brakes were also a letdown for me since they felt very spongy, and the braking capacity generally was a little too soft for my liking. Furthermore, under hard braking, the bike tends to slide for 2-3 seconds before ABS kicks in to rescue the rider, but that initial slide can surely cause a few tense moments. 

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