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A Trailblazer In The EV Space - Tata Nexon.ev | First Drive Review

The new Tata Nexon.ev has truly left me with many positives. With numerous upgrades and an iconic design, it's going to shake the industry and bring the standards of an EV vehicle a notch higher.


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Not as such


The new Nexon.ev retains its iconic design elements, which made it a hit previously, and now manages to bring in a new concept-car-like design which catches your eye on the road. This design includes a sharper front end and gives it a more aerodynamic bodyline yet with a futuristic look. The Nexon.evs' new front bumper has some peculiar traits which set it apart from the Nexon's ICE counterpart. Staying with the front end, the Nexon.ev also features a dynamic LED lightbar integrated in line with the DRLs with a welcome and goodbye light sequence. The lightbar also doubles as a charging indicator while the car is plugged in. The DRLs also double as the indicators, which themselves are presented with a sequential animation.

Coming to the side of the car, the new R16 alloy wheel design is aimed at making the Nexon.ev more aerodynamically efficient utilizing the wheel inserts. The sloping roofline makes the car look longer and more prominent on the road. Finally, moving to the car's rear, the LED signature X-factor light stays true to its identity, looking quite futuristic. The rear wiper has been repositioned and is now hidden, making the outside view of the rear windscreen better for the driver. Overall, the exterior of the car has impressed me quite a lot and will surely attract the younger generation customers as well.

TopGear Magazine June 2024