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A Trailblazer In The EV Space - Tata Nexon.ev | First Drive Review

The new Tata Nexon.ev has truly left me with many positives. With numerous upgrades and an iconic design, it's going to shake the industry and bring the standards of an EV vehicle a notch higher.


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With the new Gen-II motor delivering 143hp (LR) and 128hp (MR), producing 215Nm of torque and the powerhouse EDU, which has become 20+ kg lighter yet more powerful than its predecessor, the car has a very smooth driving experience. Diving more into it, the car does 0-100 in 8.9 seconds with an extended top speed of 150kph. Personally, I'm really happy with the torque, as you can feel the instant punch in the car when you get on the acceleration, reaching my expectations as a racer who would want a car with some strong performance on the road, too. 

The acceleration is impressively responsive and smooth, which I liked the most. The power buildup is decent and doesn't feel lagged at all. The car has three driving modes - Eco, City,and Sports. The good thing about all the modes is that they all have different feels and 4 regen levels, each giving us various driving modes. Talking about the regen, the paddle shifters help the driver to choose from the many regen options, overall improving efficiency and range. 

The steering wheel could have been slightly more precise, but I'm still satisfied with the way the car handles on the city roads. Adding to that are the 360-degree cameras. The suspension and balance of the car make it stick to the ground, and it maneuvers decently on curves with a ground clearance of 190mm in the long-range and 205mm in the medium range, respectively. The car comes with all-disc brakes in the long-range, while the medium range has a disc on the front and a drum at the rear. 

The car has two liquid-cooled battery pack options: long-range and medium-range. The medium range comes with a 30kWh Battery with a range of 325km, and the long range is equipped with a 40.5kWh battery and 465km ARAI rated. And let me tell you, for these batteries, the range and efficiency that Tata Motors is giving is incredible for this segment of EV cars. 

In terms of range, there's an improvement of 2-3% with the support of iVBAC. The addition of all LED lamp setups has also reduced 30% of the electrical load. In terms of their aerodynamic design approach, the reduction of the aero resistance has also affected the 2% better range. 


Tata Motors has added 2 amazing features to the car in terms of charging. You get V2V charging, meaning vehicle-to-vehicle charging taking away the charging anxiety, if you have a Nexon.ev, then you can charge it directly from another Nexon.ev, and if it's some other EV, you can still charge it, but it will be slower. 

Next up, you also get V2L charging, meaning vehicle-to-load charging, making it even more of an effective feature as the car becomes a power bank to use any electric appliances. So next time we go out camping, we can have a barbeque night or, literally, we want to host a movie night. 

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