Cars/ First-drive/ BMW M340i LCI | The Everyday M3 | First Drive Review

BMW M340i LCI | The Everyday M3 | First Drive Review

Enthusiasts have long awaited this day when a big engine performance bargain would grace the Indian automotive scene, and now it’s back with a bang.


Sharp looks, ballistic acceleration


Artificial eargasms and steering feel


The exterior now features a brand-new bumper and headlamp design, making the M340i appear much more aggressive than before, especially in this stealthy shade of grey. The new DRL design is similar to the one that came before, just turned upside down, which is the new BMW theme. I’m glad BMW stuck to the traditional kidney grille, be it slightly more beefed up and didn’t give the M340i the bucktooth treatment it gave the M3 and M4. The additional gloss black bits have made this design seem more menacing, but I see they do somewhat resemble that on their electric models like the i4.

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