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BMW M340i LCI | The Everyday M3 | First Drive Review

Enthusiasts have long awaited this day when a big engine performance bargain would grace the Indian automotive scene, and now it’s back with a bang.


Sharp looks, ballistic acceleration


Artificial eargasms and steering feel


The most significant change on the inside is a big new curved display and a slightly new centre console layout that removes the programmable physical buttons and even the climate control switches. Even the gearknob is now replaced with an on/off switch for a vacuum cleaner, which is a tad bit disappointing. I prefer the physical buttons and the ease of use that they came with, but to BMW’s credit, the climate control options are always available at the bottom of the screen. However, given the driving nature of this vehicle, I would have preferred buttons that are easier to use and don’t have me take my eyes off the road.

Secondly, replacing the gear knob with a toggle selector has liberated more space, especially when storing your phone and drinks in the cup holders, which I can partially appreciate. The new steering wheel that’s available on the new X1 to me looks a whole lot sportier and would have been great in the M340i, but instead, we get a thick, rather mundane-looking steering wheel that looks a bit too understated for what this car is packing under the hood. The interior looks business, and the little carbon fibre trim sprinkled in looks tasteful and sporty. I would have preferred a sportier colour for the interior to give the interior more of a sense of occasion but nevertheless.

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