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Charge into the Future | Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+

A thrustful-seat ploughing launch off the line to a 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds (with 80% battery charge) and the augmented space-age sounds as the speeds build makes one heady combination.


Cabin design, Exceptionally long-range, Futuristic looks, Augmented sounds


Massive screens can be distracting, Expensive


Born electric and eye-catchy are the words that strike after one hard look at the EQS. At over 5.2m in length and an exaggerated wheelbase of 3210 mm with staggering 21-in AMG style wheels breaks the conventional proportions of rear-wheel drive models from the Merc stable. The sharp gloss black grille angles upward to integrate with the headlights, and numerous illuminated star logos within the “grille” further help the EQS stand out, especially at night. The AMG-inspired Panamericana vertical slats add little performance value, and gone are fake tailpipe ends, now replaced by fake diffusers. The ribbon-style rear light is quite attractive, although as a whole, it simply stands out in a sea of non-electric limousines.

As you can see from the not-at-all traditional cab-forward shape, it’s also one of the world’s slipperiest production cars, with a 0.23 aerodynamic drag coefficient. Up to 9 degrees of rear-wheel steering gives the EQS the manoeuvrability of an A-Class and superlative high-speed stability. The EQS 53 is the AMG-derived version of the standard and less sporty EQS 580 that will available as an assembled-in-India model starting September 2022. That should come equipped with 20-in wheels and a whole lot more elegance.

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