Cars/ First-drive/ Jeep Grand Cherokee | A monster dressed as a Gentleman! | First Drive Review

Jeep Grand Cherokee | A monster dressed as a Gentleman! | First Drive Review

A monster dressed as a Gentleman!


Safety & Tech features - Future proof. Segment first passenger screen with privacy. Great handling and drive quality


Only Petrol Variant


Normally Jeeps are known for their ruggedness and offroad capabilities with minimalist tech. Take the Wrangler Rubicon for instance, the infotainment centre is smaller than the Samsung Z Fold4 and the resolution will take you back to the blackberry days, but the Rubicon never meant to appeal to the geek in you. With the Grand Cherokee even the staunchest of nerd will come out with a satisfying wide grin. It has three screens, the first central 10.1-inch touch screen with crisp display and two 10.25-inch digital instrument panel display including the segment first passenger side screen, which has been placed at an angle and with a resolution which is not seen to the driver’s eyes. This is one of the coolest features and calls for a round of loud clapping. There is also a full-colour, 10-inch head-up display (HUD). The passenger side screen can be paired to individual headphones, and you can connect via HDMI and USB and stream your video without distracting the driver and without holding your smartphone on your hand for that Himalayan drive. There is also a digital rear-view mirror which relays all the action behind the car and with a simple toggle you can switch from normal to camera feed view, just like the Range Rovers. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto work seamlessly, and wireless charging pad is also on offer along with Amazon Alexa virtual assistant. The Grand Cherokee has 8 -way adjustable front seats, with three-level configurable controls, all electronically operated.

Some notable highlights inside the cabin includes capri leather seats with perforated inserts, pure leather-wrapped instrument panel, second row window shades, and LED ambient lighting system with a five-colour selection system. The centre stack and console have been aligned to offer plenty of space and ease of accessibility for the driver. The front passenger seats also get electric eight-way adjustment, power lumbar, memory, and heated/vented options.

TopGear Magazine February 2024