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MERCEDE S-AMG SL55 | Bringing Sexy Back | First Drive Review

Bringing Sexy Back


Sportscar appeal and charismatic performance


Rear Seat practicality and lack of luggage space



Let’s start with how it looks; gorgeous and sexy are two easy and best words to describe the 2023 Mercedes SL 55. The sleek and aggressive exterior design also exudes confidence and sophistication. The iconic Mercedes emblem proudly sits on the bold Panamericana front grille, commanding attention wherever it goes. This car is an absolute head-turner, from its aerodynamic lines to its muscular rear haunches. It’s also ferocious looking, always ready to sprint! And in the hot red colour, it is bloody sinister looking. The 20-inch AMG alloys perfectly sit under the beautifully carved wheel arches, which further accentuate the stance of the SL55 AMG, which is constantly yearning for open roads. With a press of a button, the retractable hardtop transforms this stunning coupe into an open-top roadster, inviting the elements to become part of the experience. The front apron contains a wing and splitter to reduce lift and target airflow; there are aero-optimised brake ducts, while a two-piece active aero Air panel uses electronically actuated louvres to hustle air either into cutting drag or into maximum cooling mode.

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