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MERCEDE S-AMG SL55 | Bringing Sexy Back | First Drive Review

Bringing Sexy Back


Sportscar appeal and charismatic performance


Rear Seat practicality and lack of luggage space



Stepping inside, the cabin of the SL 55 is a perfect blend of luxury and technology. Unlike its earlier generations, the 2023 SL 55 is totally in sync with today’s astronomical tech warfare and can be declared a winner. The premium leather seats cradle you comfortably while the ambient lighting sets the perfect mood for your adventure. The craftsmanship is impeccable, with premium materials and attention to detail, creating an atmosphere of luxury. The dashboard mixes new and old elements, like the turbine-looking air vents. The seats are supportive yet comfortable, ideal for long drives or spirited adventures. And let’s remember the latest tech features, including the Mercedes MBUX super-responsive infotainment system that can also tilt at a press of a button. This is the first inside any Mercedes-Benz. Apart from adding some tech gimmickry, it also adds to the practicality of viewing the screen while the sun glares in case you’re going topless.

On the other hand, the soft top can make way for air in your hair in just 15 secs; yes, that’s the time it takes to get the hood down. Speakers are fantastic sounding, and even if you blast and get the hood down, sound does not travel as far as the honk does. With Nappa Leather upholstery and brushed aluminium, all the touch points are luxurious, including the soft top, which can take consistent rain pounding and downpours without seeping a drop of water inside the cabin. AMG performance seats are standard, and even after six hours of almost continuous driving, it got my back well-trenched and enhanced the driving experience in every turn and bend. Going sideways on a racetrack will be great fun in the SL 55. Point noted for the next opportunity!

TopGear Magazine July 2024